Club Song

Club song

“We are the boys from Battersea Ironsides”

Music – US Marine Corps – “Halls of Montezuma”
Lyrics – Colin Thorpe (BIRFC)

“We are the boys from Battersea Ironsides,
We are the best team in the land,
When it comes to playing rugby we like to keep the ball in hand.

When we take the field on weekends we will play with heart and soul,
We won’t be beat (repeat),
We won’t be beat (repeat),
And overcome with try and goal.

From the north side of the junction,
To the south of Battersea,
We will see off opposition,
And win our games with ease.

As a team we stand united,
As we roam from club to club,
Rejoicing in the title,
Of the Ironsides Rugby Club!”