We turn out four teams every Saturday. The 1st XV play in the Surrey 1st Division, whilst the 2nd XV, 3rd XV and 4th XV will all participate in their respective Merit Leagues. Depending on number we also have an occational 5th XV.

1st XV
The 1st XV play competitive, high quality rugby in Surrey Division 1 and are always striving to improve without comprising the enjoyment factor.

2nd XV
The 2nd XV compete in a merit league and cup competition and enjoyed a successful season last year. Despite many players challenging for 1st team positions and changes in personnel every week, the second team again kept up the style that has earned them the tag of the “Super 2’s!”

3rd XV
The 3rd XV also qualify for a merit league and cup. With last year’s captain staying in position, and a more settled team, the 3’s promise great things this year – watch out!

4th XV
The 4th team is rumoured to be the team everyone wants to play for. For the second year running they will also participate in the merit league. The backbone of the club, combining youth and vast experience, hopefully this year they may match the unbeaten run of two years ago