How much does it cost to join BIRFC?

The club operates a direct debit system for members, with all players paying £15pcm throughout the year. Non-playing members pay a one-off cost of £30pa. No other fees are payable to the club.

Why use direct debit?

A direct debit system allows us to generate revenues consistently so that we can cover the expenses of running the club and invest in facilities and new equipment. The direct debit system is a fairer and more efficient way to collect fees and represents excellent value for money.

So what do I get for my money?

The revenues raised from the direct debit cover the costs of running the club, which is of course non-profit making. These costs include:

  • Rent for training facilities, pitches and clubhouse
  • Insurance of all playing members

In addition, as a member you are entitled to the following benefits:

  • All match fees are paid, no additional costs
  • Rugby Netball membership and fees included
  • Option to enter the ballot for the club’s allocation of International tickets

It seems expensive to me?

The new fee structure will work out cheaper for most people, because it covers your annual membership (last year £80), every match fee (last year £6 per game) as well as the other services listed above.

Even if you only played two-thirds of the regular fixtures and didn’t play any rugby netball, you save £30 on last year’s costs. The monthly payment also represents excellent value when compared to a gym membership for example.

Do I have to pay while I make up my mind if I want to join the club?

In some cases, particularly with new players, we appreciate that you may want to play a game or two before deciding to commit. The club offers all players the chance of three games for free before the direct debit must be signed. After that time, players who are not paid up members will not be selected for matches.

Why do I pay throughout the year, even in the off-season?

Direct debits can only be set up to run throughout a whole year. Therefore, the amount you pay has been averaged out across the year to take account of this.

I don’t have a bank account – how can I pay?

In this case please speak to the membership secretary (Nigel? Please confirm).

How do I sign up for the direct debit?

At the trial game in August we will be registering your details so please bring your bank details with you. We also have a form you can send to your bank. If you decide that you want to wait before signing up, please contact your team captain for details of how to register.